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& Birth

A synergistic relationship occurs when two or more people create a greater contribution together than they would independently.

Hiring a doula for the birth of your baby is a deeply personal decision. One that requires you to take into account many considerations. The most important to consider is, “How will this particular doula contribute to a more satisfying experience for me?”


Your birth matters and the support team you compose for yourself matters too!

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Arnetta Ford specializes in heightening the labor and birth process for her clients:

Arnetta’s extensive knowledge of the medical interventions associated with labor and birth, and the benefits and risks of each enable a thorough understanding for her clients when making real time decisions during labor.

When the emotions of labor appear out of thin air, Arnetta will be with you to help normalize the experience while attentively listening as you process them out loud. Her understanding and affirmations will assist in instilling strength and reducing fear.

Through calm and mindful communication, Arnetta initiates the exploration of birth philosophies and ideas. This enables her clients to consider a variety of options that will contribute to their personalized, unique birth experience. 

With immeasurable experience in relieving the discomforts of labor, Arnetta uses every tool in her toolbox. From positional changes that enable labor progress to breathing techniques, vocalizations and massage, she is by your side through every contraction. 

If your desire is to welcome your baby in a serene environment fortified by the synergy and partnership of an experienced doula who is expertly prepared, look no further!

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