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Meet Arnetta

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Before Arnetta Ford even knew what the word doula meant, she was doing the work. In March of 1984 she was invited to support a friend’s daughter during birth and from there she became her community’s birth support guru.

As a life learner, it was important to Arnetta to be properly trained and certified to provide this invaluable service. Her vast collection of trainings and certification include:

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Arnetta believes that the synergy composed by the birthing individuals team combined with the serenity of a peaceful environment strongly contributes to more positive birth experiences. She is a brilliant communicator who quickly establishes genuine relationships with all who make her acquaintance. Her rapport with her clients, their partners, family members, providers and hospital staff are testimony to this.

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Arnetta is a lifelong Michigan resident who has one daughter and three grandsons. Among other things she enjoys time with family and friends, eating (not much cooking), doing volunteer work, traveling, playing games (can’t win! LOL), coloring (great therapy), walking and singing.


Warning on the singing: Her pastor says she’s fine until she starts crying (that’s what he calls her singing) and a close friend says she is just wrong, all wrong…

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Arnetta is honored to be on the Michigan Prison Doula Initiative team since its inception when the letter of agreement was signed in 2018. 

Fun Fact

Arnetta walked a half marathon and did a hot air balloon flight in Bagan, Myanmar in 2016!

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